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Septic System
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Tardis Environmental
Tardis Hire offer a wide range of quality services including portable toilet hire, wet waste removal, drainage services and water delivery and storage solutions.
Alpha General Services, Inc.
Manufactures fiberglass septic tanks, lift stations, pump chambers, low pressure systems and industrial control panels.
AmeriSep Inc.
Offering an organic product to speed the conversion of sewage solids to liquid.
Arcan Enterprises, Inc.
Provides Septic-Scrub for restoring and maintaining septic drainfields
Bio-Microbics, Inc.
Manufacturer of residential wastewater treatment systems.
Elder Valve
Manufactures a device that allows disconnection of a sewer service line between house and mainline.
Hydro-Action, Inc.
Manufactures self-contained, automatic aerobic wastewater treatment systems for onsite residential and commercial use.
Meade Septic Design, Inc.
Septic designs for mound, pump, and conventional systems.
MicrobiaLogic, LLC
Offers bacterial bioaugmentation products for outdoor and composting toilets.
Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems, and chemicals.
Orenco Systems, Inc.
Designs and manufactures effluent pumps and filters, alarms and controls for septic systems.
Paul G. Jenner Associates
Certified to perform Title 5 inspections on residential and commercial septic systems.
Offers products to improve septic drainage field and tank function.
Prototek Corporation
Makes and sells equipment for the liquid waste haulers industry, including transmitter/receiver systems for locating septic tanks and line blockages.
Raggs Septic Service, Inc. d.b.a. E.A. Comeau Septic
Commercial and residential services, including septic and grease pumping, sludge hauling, Title 5 inspections, engineering, and repairs and installation.
Roebic Laboratories, Inc.
Developing specialized products for wastewater treatment, agriculture, and bio-pesticide applications.
Septic Protector
In-line filter that attaches to the washing machine discharge hose and protects septic systems and drain pipes from damage caused by lint.
Septicare, Inc.
Offers a natural enzyme septic tank cleaner designed to eliminate pumpouts, odors, and flooding.
Sheaffer International, Ltd.
Small and large waste treatment systems for golf courses, confined animal waste, towns, and even individual systems.
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